Finance & Law

Your Finance & Law clients depend on you.

Both Finance & Law depend heavily on technology. We live in a fast-paced world where information needs to be processed and change hands quickly. Court dates and IRS deadlines are not changeable based on system issues or crashes. Being proactive in your IT solutions is key to culminating a thriving practice. Effective IT solutions and support need to be in place before situations arise.

When it comes to experience with IT for finance & law offices nobody beats InMotion PC. Our team of professionals, all possessing numerous certifications and highly recognizable accreditations, continues to provide sound business advice, advanced technology solutions and highly responsive IT support to offices throughout Florida.

With multiple options designed specifically for the needs of Accounting Firms and Law Practices, no matter small specialized boutique sized or multi-office conglomerate, we are certain that we have the right solutions for your operation.

InMotion PC works closely with you to make sure the needs of your firm’s partners, associates, staff, and clients are met.

Confidently eliminate the time-consuming burden of maintaining your own IT infrastructure. Managing your own IT in-house, especially if you do not have a dedicated IT professional, ends up detracting from the productivity of other employees who try to fill the gap. Let us boost your productivity. We can host, manage, maintain and support your network, servers, desktops, and applications. We take care of hardware and software upgrades, security updates, disaster recovery, backups and more.

If you are looking for a trusted IT advisor, call or contact us and let us support your practice so that you can confidently keep your focus where it should be…on your clients.


Finance & Law

Wondering if your current system is functioning at its best? – Let us run a Comprehensive IT Assessment of your current system. This is a complimentary service. Simply CLICK HERE and fill out a quick form.

Our comprehensive assessment gives you broad insights into your Information Technology Systems:

· Full Risk Report

· Remediation plan

· Asset Reports

· Site Diagrams

· IT SWOT Analysis

· XP Migration Readiness Report

This assessment will give you the tools you need to get your IT moving in the right direction.